Friday, 29 October 2010

Like an old friend..........

........who you haven't had contact with in a while, my blog has been there at the back of my mind - neglected, ignored but not outrightly abandoned.

Life is being incredibly kind to me. I won't gush with the details, suffice to say I have distractions other than running right now for which running has almost become the forgotten victim.

I'm slacking, it's true. The holidays don't help but next week I'll be back with renewed vigour and a race plan for next year to shake things up yet again and no that does NOT include Smokies. Hmm, controversial.....


  1. Smokies?!? you mean like the fish you have for breakfast. Whats that all ablout then?

  2. Smokies 10 mile road race in Arbroath Lee home of said fish lol. Great wee run, just not on my rader for next year though.