Friday, 16 July 2010

It's all about the finish....

Clyde Stride 17 July 2010

It's lucky this race hasn't been held before, otherwise I'd have spent the week poring over previous results and coming up with all kinds of ridiculous schedules to meet some fantastical time I'm unlikely to run.

So here we are then with just 18 hours to the start and I'm ready. I'm ignoring all the rules. I'm running in shoes I've not run a long run in, I'm wearing a new pair of shorts that may or may not cause a degree of chaffing, I'm planning to eat food I've never consumed in a long run before (mini pork pies - Tim's suggestion, ginger nut biscuits - Debs, Nuun juice - Kate and others, custard - why not?) and I'm wearing a Garmin. Why? It's nothing to do with rebellion or even any deliberate act of indifference, I just figured that the normal rules haven't worked so far so why the hell not.

And my mantra - it's all about the finish, it's all about the finish, it's all about the finish (repeat for 40 miles......). Watch this space.....


  1. Have a good run Lesley.

    Remember it's all about the finish!!

  2. You're a warrior!

    I've never eating ginger biscuits, so don't blame me. My Sis ate them when she was preggers for morning sickness. Seemed like a good suggestion :-)

    See you in the morning xx

  3. i like your thinking, you crazy maverick! how about adding jelly to the list, slips down easily and loads of energy.

    you can do this one, i can feel it in my water (or i've just had a dodgy take-a-way)