Wednesday, 5 May 2010


You know the one, I get knocked down but I get up again.... So I did and I have. Not without a fight though. Post Fling was tough, much much tougher than I was letting on. I spent days hiding and moping and pretending I was feeling better than I actually was. Truth is I was ill all week but shhhh, don't tell anyone.

Then I got a message from Mrs RD of the Cateran Trail Ultra suggesting I swap my role as marshall for a place (at a price....) and ping, off I hop into frantic organisation mode again.

And so it was on the Tuesday, in a bid to scrape myself off the floor, I resumed training at the club much to the horror of those there. Why why why they asked? Why why not I said. Um, because you still look like death. Even after a pep talk from El Presidente, in which I agreed to take it easy all week doing nothing more strenuous than a brisk stroll, there I was on the Thursday lining up at the start for the Kinross 10k. I still had the shakes but there were cakes after and I was almost starting to feel human again.

going so fast at Kinross 10k I'm all a blur...

All things considered it wasn't a bad race, in fact, I did okay coming within a couple of seconds of my PB. Hmm, imagine what I could do healthy.....  I deluded myself just 36hours later that running strongly on the Thursday night meant I could bag a 5k PB at the Parkrun on the Saturday. Mistake. After a mere 1k running through treacle I pulled out with heavy legs and canny-be-arsedness. Gosh, 2 DNFs in a week.

On Sunday night I belted round 7.2miles along the unlit road and through the dark spooky woods to Limekilns to collect my car from the previous evening's piss-up. On Monday I really belted round 11miles after planning a week of training like a demon and then blasted through another 5 on Tuesday night. But now I'm strapped up tighter than a nun's chastity belt as my calf has twanged yet again. It's my own fault, I never got any pre-Fling niggles so the niggle gods have got their revenge.

Never mind though, a couple of days of obsessive icing, massaging and stretching and it'll be just fine for the Cateran Ultra. Yeah??


  1. Go for it, Lesley. Top girl for getting straight back on!! If I can get my daughter taken care of I'll see you there.

  2. You be sensible now and look after yourself and you’ll be fine for the Cateran, oh dear I’m sounding like El Presidente, well unless you behave I’m telling El Presidente!

  3. rice. rice. rice and not the eating kind. looking forward to a storming account of the cateran :)

    ....think i may have caught the canny-be-arsedness bug too.

  4. I'm in hiding til after Fiona!
    RICEd and nearly better Kate!
    See you there then Dave!

  5. Good luck at cateran.
    I do the same thing as you just did. Sometimes I just cant resist a good race.. ever