Sunday, 7 March 2010

A Simple Plan....

...but perhaps a flawed one from the outset.

Smokies 10 Road Race 7 March 2010

Today's plan was to run the Smokies 10 in Arbroath, hop in the car and at breakneck speed head to Scotlandwell for the Bishop Hill race. Simple really until you factor in the timing. Fab did it last year. IzzieB and I planned to do it this year. Problem is I don't run half as fast as either of them. IzzieB and I journeyed together for obvious logistical reasons, timing our journey from the Kinross area to Arbroath. We guesstimated an hour, plus about 15 to get to Scotlandwell. It was gonna be tight....

Even though I was looking like a total prat in my new lang soaks, after a decent warm-up I was feeling pretty good. The plan was take it easy in the first few miles, belt around the last few. So I belted round the first 2 then dragged my ass up the hills round the next 2. Despite this and the undulations (highlighted by little home-made signs by the roadside, a great touch) I was feeling pretty good.

The miles came and went with alarming speed and having passed someone I know at half way, I was determined to keep up the pace. I hung on to the back of Kirsty, trying to pass on numerous occasions but she was clearly feeling strong at the same time I was so that was that.

I pulled out my fastest mile between 6-7 miles in. From where I don't know but it wasn't something I was able to maintain for long. The last couple of miles came and went in the blink of an eye and approaching the finish I could see the clock was on 1.21. I thought if I shift it I can be under 82mins so I did and I was. Official time 81:32 - a PB by 10 minutes. I can't believe I ran that fast and I'm absolutely chuffed to bits.

But it wasn't over yet. I grabbed my goody bag, stopped briefly to chat then dashed off to the car expecting to find IzzyB pedal to the metal raring to go. Nope. I dashed around the grounds of the leisure centre looking for her but no joy. When we finally found one another it was 12:35. We had agreed that the absolute latest we could leave was 12.30. So we went back into the hall and stuffed ourselves silly with cake. I guess next year I'll just have to run even faster.....

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  1. I bet you were both hiding from each other until it was too late to go to Bishop Hill :-)