Monday, 9 November 2009

First time for everything.....

Tinto Hill Race, 1500ft 4.4 miles
I didn't know George but I've heard an awful lot about him. I was speaking to a guy at training last week as we both limped back who said he always ran with George and it isn't the same now. He was certainly a well thought of man.
So that was it, decision made, I'd venture out onto the hills for the first time.
A first is always good, no pressure. But this was a hill and I don't do hills.
As always Gillian and I ran together but not and I was surprised at how hard I found it on the way up. I got slower and slower and slower. When we got to the top however I just let go and seemed to get to the bottom in no time. Brilliant! But now I can't decide whether I need some hill practice or if it's an experience not to be repeated. Time will tell....

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